Advocacy CostaBlanca provide a fully legal and binding care needs assessment . 
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The Health and Social Care Act 2012 & The Care Act 2014 caused a huge upheaval in UK health and social care systems.


Responsibility for many aspects of local health and social care moved from NHS organisations into local authorities.   

It is possible that  NHS Trusts and local Authorities will view returning Ex Pats as people that they do not have to support.  Advice can feel misleading or confusing and there can be a range of issues when establishing your right to return to the UK.


Its almost always best to confirm your position prior to returning to the UK.  Advocacy CostaBlanca will ensure all assessments and documentation are complete and will make advance contact with your local health and social care department. 

Not every change means you have to return to the UK.  It may be possible to remain in Spain with the support of care staff or home helps.

Advocacy CostaBlanca can make sure you recieve the support you really need.  They can also assist in applying for welfare benefits.......See our advice page for details

One of our qualified and registered social workers will:


  • Complete a binding assessment of care needs

  • Provide full advice and guidance

  • Make contact with UK agencies

  • Advocate on your behalf

  • Maintain lifelong contact