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Advocacy CostaBlanca -

Advocacy for Expats on the Costa Blanca who require          & UK Social Care support.

Regulated and Professional advice.

Living in Spain is a wonderful way of life for many.

Unfortunately ill health or disability problems can dramatically alter your way of living.

Its at these times its important to speak to someone who really knows the UK welfare system and can support you to make the correct decisions to ensure your future is happy and successful.

Advocacy CostaBlanca will ensure all assessments and documentation are complete and will make advance contact with the relevant UK organisations. 

Advocacy Costa Blanca - helping you recieve the services you need.  

Support to remain:

Advocacy CostaBlanca provides a range of services to support people to remain in Spain:

  • Social Care assessment.

  • UK Welfare benefit advice...

  • Continuing Healthcare advice and support.

  • And many other services  See more >>

Support to return:

Advocacy CostaBlanca will contact and liaise with UK based services:

  • Social Care Act compliant assessment.

  • UK social housing applications.

  • Continuing Healthcare advice and support.

  •   See more >>

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